Small Garden in Clevedon


Tiny rear garden of semi detached 1980’s brick built house in Clevedon.


To design a garden that provides a sense of calm, privacy and a feast for the senses. A space to relax, entertain, exercise and grow produce. My client’s wish list: bigger dining terrace in sun, new raised border, lawn for practicing yoga, vegetable garden, screening of boundaries, woodland area to incorporate existing trees and seat, water feature.

My Solution:

I divided up the garden using simple shapes based on the geometry of the house which made the space appear larger. An old terrace was replaced with new stone paving. This complements the house brick colour and creates an intimate dining area to enjoy the sun.  A raised L-shaped bed marks the boundary between the terrace and lawn. Fragrant evergreens give structure, perennials add colour and delicate wispy grasses create an immersive feel. A lower level of planting, including scented shrubs,  surrounds a Cor-ten steel water bowl.  This is a tranquil place to enjoy reflections from sky and planting.

Fences were repaired and painted dark grey, smartening the boundaries and acting as a fabulous foil for green climbing plants. A row of tall elegant white-stemmed trees in large pots provides screening on the opposite side of the garden.

Three raised wooden beds provide space to grow fruit and vegetables and create rhythm along the new stepping stone and gravel path leading to the existing shed.

A new lawn was given better drainage and a strong geometric shape. The planting in the rear border was updated. Green and white planting will sparkle against the dark fence and surrounds a space to sit in the shade of the trees.

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