Happy Tulips

Surrounding ourselves with plants and spending time in natural environments is good for our emotional, physical and spiritual health, but there are some plants that just make me smile and smile and I just can’t stop!  Tulips are in that category. I’m very happy with my display this year, having followed my own design advice and planted copious amounts of tulips – planted en masse they look so much more effective. I use approximately 20 per m sq and I literally throw ’em down and plant where they land for a less contrived look.  Don’t be put off by tatty leaves and the notion that tulips aren’t perennial – if you plant (throw them!) amongst herbaceous perennials such as Geranium or Nepeta then their tatty leaves will be hidden by the new growth of the perennials. Choosing Viridiflora tulips with their green flashed petals will reward you will elegant blooms year after year. Just remember – tulips need sun and well drained soil so add lots of grit if your soil is heavy and don’t be tempted to remove the leaves – let them die back for 6 weeks after flowers fade so that the nutrients return to the bulbs for next year’s display.